Tuesday, December 13, 2016

“The church is not a theological classroom. It is a conversion, confession, repentance, reconciliation, forgiveness and sanctification center, where flawed people place their faith in Christ, gather to know and love him better, and learn to love others as he designed.”

“The world does not consist of 100 percent Christians and 100 percent non-Christians. There are people (a great many of them) who are slowly ceasing to be Christians but who still call themselves by that name: some of them are clergymen. There are other people who are slowly becoming Christians though they do not yet call themselves so. ” ― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Gospel Text: (MT 21:28-32)
Jesus said to the chief priests and the elders of the people:
“What is your opinion?
A man had two sons.
He came to the first and said,
‘Son, go out and work in the vineyard today.’
The son said in reply, ‘I will not,’
but afterwards he changed his mind and went.
The man came to the other son and gave the same order.
He said in reply, ‘Yes, sir,’ but did not go.
Which of the two did his father’s will?”
They answered, “The first.”
Jesus said to them, “Amen, I say to you,
tax collectors and prostitutes
are entering the Kingdom of God before you.
When John came to you in the way of righteousness,
you did not believe him;
but tax collectors and prostitutes did.
Yet even when you saw that,
you did not later change your minds and believe him.”

Today's Gospel reading invites us to look deeper into ourselves and our tendency to omit doing tasks that optimize our Christian lives. To what extent are we open to our constant need for conversion?  How mindful are we of our moment-to-moment need of God's grace and our need to seek his help?  How ready are we to listen to him in our daily lives?  Do we hear him in the subtle voices of our neighbors? How often do we say "Yes," but act "No"? Why?

As we bring our reflections to prayer, how is God calling us to respond to him today?  And how will this impact on what we will actually do?  

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