Monday, October 12, 2015

There's none so deaf as those who will not hear

“An argument in apologetics, when actually used in dialogue, is an extension of the arguer. The arguer's tone, sincerity, care, concern, listening, and respect matter as much as his or her logic - probably more. The world was won for Christ not by arguments but by sanctity: "What you are speaks so loud, I can hardly hear what you say.” ― Peter Kreeft – (Philosophy professor at Boston College)

Gospel Text: (Lk 11:29-32)
While still more people gathered in the crowd, Jesus said to them,
“This generation is an evil generation;
it seeks a sign, but no sign will be given it,
except the sign of Jonah.
Just as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites,
so will the Son of Man be to this generation.
At the judgment
the queen of the south will rise with the men of this generation
and she will condemn them,
because she came from the ends of the earth
to hear the wisdom of Solomon,
and there is something greater than Solomon here.
At the judgment the men of Nineveh will arise with this generation
and condemn it,
because at the preaching of Jonah they repented,
and there is something greater than Jonah here.”

Today, Christ's sweet —but stern— voice admonishes those who believe they certainly deserve a “ticket” for Paradise, just because they may say: «Jesus, how wonderful you are!». Christ has paid the price of our salvation without excluding anyone, but, all the same, some minimum conditions must be kept. And, amongst them, not pretending to have Christ doing all the work while we do nothing at all. That would not only be sheer foolishness, but arrogance. This is why, the Lord has no doubt using the word “evil”: «People of the present time are evil people. They ask for a sign but no sign will be given to them except the sign of Jonah» (Lk 11:29). He calls them “evil” because they want to see first his spectacular miracles in order for them to grant their eventual and condescending adhesion.

Not even in front of his own Nazareth countrymen did He agree, because —demanding as they were!— they expected Jesus to sign up his mission as Prophet and Messiah by means of wonderful prodigies. They would like to savor as comfortably seated watchers in a theater. But this is not possible: the Lord offers the salvation, but only to those who submit to him through an obedience born from the faith. This total faith (that God himself has planted in our inside as a seed of grace) is what He wants from us.

Let us accept him with advanced faith and love. We shall recognize him and He will recognize us as belonging to him.

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