Saturday, February 25, 2012

The strongest proof of repentance is the endeavor to atone

'God has promised forgiveness to your repentance, but He has not promised tomorrow to your procrastination.' - Saint Augustine

Gospel text (Lk 5,27-32):
Jesus saw a tax collector named Levi sitting at the customs post.
He said to him, "Follow me."
And leaving everything behind, he got up and followed him.
Then Levi gave a great banquet for him in his house,
and a large crowd of tax collectors
and others were at table with them.
The Pharisees and their scribes complained to his disciples, saying,
"Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?"
Jesus said to them in reply,
"Those who are healthy do not need a physician, but the sick do.
I have not come to call the righteous to repentance but sinners."

How dramatically can the Lord transform a person during Lent? Levi may be the answer to this question.

Jesus dined with sinners. He healed on the Sabbath. He touched lepers and spoke to a Samaritan woman. He did not condemn even an adulterous woman, but he labeled the Pharisees "blind guides" and "whitened sepulchers" (see Mt 23:24-27). What it all boils down to is that Jesus refused to be "politically correct."

Are there ways in which you have bought into the anti-gospel values of the current political ideologies?

We need Levi's example because sin blinds us to sin or at least partially blinds us to the severity of our sins (see 1 Jn 2:11; 2 Cor 4:4). We don't think we need to change that much because we're blind to how far away we are from God's will. Moreover, we're surrounded by people who feel the same way.

Will you surrender all to Jesus? Will you accept Him as Lord of your life, job, money, and possessions? Will you follow Him and be the good news of Jesus for a world of bad news?

Repent by God's standards, not by the standards of world.

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